My philosophy

For me learning an instrument is an end in itself. It's about cultivating one's personal aesthetic and sharing in one of humankind's finest endeavours. My main focus is on classical guitar and I encourage my students to take AMEB or Trinity College exams. Adults starting from scratch or picking up after a long break are a specialty.

Location, arrangements and rates

I have studios at Willoughby and at Hub Bravissimo in the city. My rates are $60 per one hour lesson at Willoughby and $70 in the city. I am available most days between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.


I structure my teaching around the Trinity and AMEB syllabuses (whether or not students actually wish to take exams). Those resources provide a wealth of graduated examples from the classical guitar repetoire. I supplement that core with my own knowledge of the jazz/folk/pop/rock repetoire and make full use of internet and multi-media technologies to enhance the student experience.

Over time I establish a work-in-progress schedule covering:

  • Scales and arpeggios - keys & chords
  • Technical exercises - finger strengthening etc
  • Pieces - syllabus + my supplementary
  • Reading - duets, rhythm exercises, sight reading
  • Theory - notation & diatonic harmony basics, scale/chord relation basics
  • Aural - for students taking exams, prep for aural component
  • Chords/Songs - for students wanting to hum & strum

Progress in each area is documented as shown in the image at left. It's not possible to spend time on everything in a single lesson so I highlight the current hot topics while the rest stay on the agenda to be picked up in a future lesson.

I am a member of the Sydney Classical Guitar Society and encourage my students to participate in society activities, such as its monthly open playing sessions and the Guitar Orchestra, which presents concerts twice yearly.


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