Oh, you mean that sort of acoustic

I like to imagine that stringed instruments began with some pre-historic archer idling time by thrumming on his bow.

Through their history such instruments have had metal or gut strings, and now metal and various synthetics.

The prevalence of the electric guitar in the second half of the 20th century has led to a curious linguistic anomaly in today's guitar world.

The term acoustic guitar is nowadays taken to refer to the electric guitar's immediate predecessor, being a form of guitar developed in the later 19th century USA. This guitar is strung with metal strings and sounded with a plectrum rather than plucked with the fingers.

Since the advent of the amplified version the term acoustic has been applied retrospectively to distinguish the earlier un-amplified instrument.

What we now call the classical guitar has not figured in this shift and strangely falls outside the term 'acoustic guitar' in vernacular usage, although it is indeed acoustic in the relevant sense.


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