Classical Guitar


I structure my classical teaching around the Trinity and AMEB syllabuses which provide a wealth of graduated examples from the classical guitar repetoire. I supplement that core with my own knowledge of the jazz/folk/pop/rock repetoire and make full use of digital media to enhance the student experience.

Over time I establish a work-in-progress schedule covering:

  • Scales and arpeggios - keys & chords
  • Technical exercises - finger strengthening etc
  • Pieces - syllabus + my supplementary
  • Reading - duets, rhythm exercises, sight reading
  • Theory - notation & diatonic harmony basics, scale/chord relation basics
  • Aural - for students taking exams, prep for aural component
  • Chords/Songs - for students wanting to hum & strum

Progress in each area is documented for each lesson. It's not possible to spend time on everything in a single lesson so I highlight the current hot topics while the rest stay on the agenda to be picked up in a future lesson.


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